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Most musicians believe that it is their duty to pass on the knowledge that has been accumulated over the decades and Fiona Mariah is no exception. With over 30 years performing and teaching experience Fiona has the solution for singers wishing to perfect and improve their technique in an intimate and confidence building environment. By offering lessons online via Skype Fiona will be able to help anyone who wishes to fulfill their desire to improve their voice and begin or maintain a professional music career.

This is also a convenient and confidential way to suppliment your learning experience if you have a looming deadline for a gig or audition and just want someone to give you advice and support as you prepare.

“There are times when you just want a second opinion on how to sing a certain phrase or just get feedback when singing new repertoire for the first time – a little confidence boost and a kind word goes a long way to sooth the nerves!”

“My student Adrian, a budding guitarist songwriter was recording an album with his band, they could only get studio time in the evenings so we had a half hour lesson each night by Skype as a warm up before he left the house, brilliant! He has promised to thank me during his acceptance speech at the Grammy’s!”

Why online lessons?

“One of my students was finding it hard to find time to travel to my studio for lessons and they asked if lessons via Skype might be an option. I was reluctant to set this up at first but from the very beginning it was a very successful exercise and as soon as the word got out my other students wanted to use skype. Now I love it, I have been completely converted!

Students are able to have regular lessons no matter where they are in the world or how busy they are, it’s so much easier to schedule everyone’s diary, there’s no travel time and I now have my local and an increasing number of international students, which is absolutely fantastic!”

What you need to set up a lesson

If you haven’t used skype before the first thing you need is a skype account click the link here to see how to do that. You will also need a computer, this can be a laptop or ipad (some students use their smart phone but I wouldn’t recommend that until you have had a few lessons already and are comfortable with the setup).
You have to set the computer up with the camera activated and place it in a position so that Fiona can see most of your upper body. It doesn’t have to be perfect and the two of you can work out the best position once you get started.

How to Book a lesson

Students are able to book lessons at short notice with the online scheduling system, make payments online and those students who want to lock in several lessons in advance can now take advantage of special offers and reduced pricing packages.

Everything is booked through the online diary service, so there is no guilt trip if you take time off etc I tell my students I’m Just happy to help if they need me.

Can I change a Booked lesson?

Yes you can.
Go to my diary page and just drag the lesson you want to change to another available timeslot.
One thing to bear in mind is that lessons can only be changed if the appointment is canceled in advance with 24hours notice. If you access the online diary within the 24hr cut off you will not be allowed to change you appointment. “No-shows” are automatically charged at full rate. So If you know in advance you can’t make your appointment, make sure you get online straight away before you forget!

How to book a lesson online

Booking a lesson is very easy Just like other sites where you purchase online.
Just go to the link Here
choose if you would like hour of half hour lessons
choose your package
go through the shop
pay with a credit card
go to the calendar choose your date and time for lesson
if choosing a package of lessons you will be given a redeem code
use your redeem code until all lessons have been booked.

Note : have to make sure what order the booking system is before we go LIVE!! :)