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Press Corner

Basil Ashmore, The Buckinghamshire Examiner, April 1994

'I find it hard to explain in mere words the impact Fiona Mariah had on me in this seductive role. She already has almost everything one could hope for from a singing actress....Her exquisite bel canto soprano voice already rivals that of the famous American Kathleen addition she acted thoughout the entire performance with a remarkable ability which reminded me of a youthful merger of Dorothy Tutin and Marylin Monroe. Without over acting she dominated the entire production, even when sitting silently at one side of the Stage, or when making a dignified slow departure at her final tragic exit'

Noel Goodwin, Opera Magazine, June 1993

‘Fiona Mariah's Fiordiligi was admirably secure in the "Come Scoglio", vertiginous leaps, fiorature and all, she phrased her recitative like a native and sang throughout as an accomplished artist of whom more will surely be heard’

Bruce Glasner, The Dessert Sun, January 2002

‘Fiona Mariah as the widow Hanna, displays a seductive presence that glows like the core blossom of a beautiful bouquet of flowers - with wonderful vocal talents to match’

Rodney Milnes, The Times, London August 1994

‘(In a) very accomplished performance, Fiona Mariah sang and enunciated the Countess'role with a confident stylishness... her handling of the German dialogue was amazingly assured, she could step into the role in any German Opera House ... a singer from whom more will surely be heard’

A.Giankaris, Kalamazoo Gazette March 2002

‘One performer who had no trouble being heard, understood and enjoyed was lead soprano Fiona Mariah. Whenever on stage, she gained one's full attention by virtue of a glorious voice and marvellous acting abetted by an impressive appearance. Mariah won the audience over early with luscious renditions of "Villia" and the "Merry Widow Waltz" Her exceptionally pleasing vocal timbre was further enhanced by impeccable intonation and expressive dynamics.......This London City Opera production holds many plusses for an audience, and none more satisfying than that of Fiona Mariah's delectable singing!’